Freelance Transaction Coordinator

for Real Estate Agents


I Am An Expert Real Estate Transaction Coordinator.

For the last two years, I have been working in real estate, managing my own transactions, working operations for a boutique brokerage firm, and working as a transaction coordinator. Now as a transaction coordinator, I work for agents all over the State of Michigan and am looking to expand the portfolio of agents I work with.

Before real estate, I worked over a decade as a consultant for nonprofit organizations, supporting system development, organizational management, talent development, and marketing and communications. With that experience under my belt, I know how to take a complex problem and turn it into a productive system. My superpower is doing just that and I want to do it for more agents as their transaction coordinator.

If you want to see a more extensive view of my past experience, check out my bio.

What do I do as a Transaction Coordinator For AGENTS?

  • Coordinate all communications (outside of negotiation) between clients, cooperating agents, lenders, inspections, and title.

  • Manage a calendar of all steps to take throughout the transaction process from fully executed purchase agreement to close.

  • Send reminders to you regarding major milestones in the transaction.

  • Order title work and coordinate all needs for the title company of your choice.

  • Coordinating the signing of documents with clients and cooperating agents. (I am proficient in Dotloop, but learn new systems quickly!)

  • Assure your files in Dotloop (or a comparable system) are organized and meet the compliance rules of your brokerage.

  • Send weekly email updates about the progress of transactions and get clarification on any outstanding needs of the transaction.

  • Review closing folder documents and review your commission check and disbursement forms, depending on what your brokerage requires.

What does transaction coordination cost?

The cost of transaction coordination is $250 per transaction if the file closes or $100 per transaction if the file falls through after inspections. Most agents charge their clients a transaction fee to cover the cost of a transaction coordinator, so that they may keep 100% commission and the time it takes to manage the transaction. Remember, when you are running a business, your time is money. With a transaction coordinator you could save 10+ hours per transaction, making the $250 cost more than worth it.

What systems do I use to coordinate transactions?

For each of my transactions, I start with a checklist and template emails. My proven lists and copy help me to keep each transaction smooth and not miss any steps along the way.

If you choose to work with me, we will communicate through our calendars (I put reminders on yours for you), email, text, and Google Spreadsheets. I keep a detailed list of dates and contact information for each of your transactions, along with running notes about the progress of the transaction.

I am proficient in Dotloop and prefer it, however, I can work through any system. I am crazy organized and can learn any new system quickly.

Each time you have a new transaction, you can get started easily by shooting me a quick email with the address of the house, the client’s name and contact information and a short agreement you sign to add me to your transaction.

Getting Started

If you would like to save 10+ hours per transaction and turn that time into more profits then it’s time for you to have a transaction coordinator.

Take a minute to book a time with me to get started using my scheduler:

Or send me a message.