Marketing and Social Media for Reatlors©


Custom social media and marketing tools for selling homes

Your number one goal as a realtor is lead generation. Often though, the takes cash to get the amount of (substandard) leads you need to nurture enough business to keep your paycheck consistent throughout the year.

I’m here to tell you there is another way. Yes, it does cost money to work with me 😉, but my goal is to bring you in a mass of leads for less money and build you the infrastructure and perform the regular activities your business needs to nurture your sphere.

Digital Marketing Services:

  • Websites: Fresh sites to engage clients and bring in organic search traffic.

  • Social Media Posting: Monthly and weekly posting to keep your content fresh.

  • Email: Custom designed emails for your sphere.

  • Sphere Engagement: Yearly 36 Touch program for your sphere, including a mix of traditional marketing, digital marketing, and text messaging.


All of my digital marketing services are sold on in a package. Whether it is a monthly fee or a package for a one time project.

Reach out for pricing and to get started.