my super power is asking the right questions


I have produced content in many different forms from books to blogs to tools and resources. All of my work is about mindset and personal growth, with practical tools for how to make it all happen.



I have worked successfully with groups ranging in size from intimate learning cohorts of 10 to large groups of over 200. All of my sessions feature practical tools for getting unstuck and scaling businesses.


I use my super power to help small businesses and organizations identify their greatest areas of opportunity and build systems to make it happen. Plus, I have built four businesses of my own.

You don't have to be Wonder Woman to have confidence in your skills and abilities. We all have the skills and abilities we are supposed to have, but often let fear and cultural norms get in the way of becoming the greatest forms of ourselves. Tera will help you uncover your greatest form and become the unapologetic, bad ass female you know is on the inside.

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My Podcast

Lean the F*ck Out  is a conversation among women who are interested in creating a new way of living and working. Tera and her co-host, Gretchen DeVault, talk with fellow female entrepreneurs about creating new ceilings, starting their businesses, hustling to support their families, and building the life they want.


Greatest takeaway: Being okay and confident enough. I can say that I have expertise and that it’s valuable and needed.

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Always Inspiring

With Tera speaking at your event, you can be sure you will get three things: honesty, vulnerability, and the motivation you need to make your business a success!