I am Tera.

My super power is asking the right questions to help WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS identify their greatest areas of opportunity and scale their businesses for success. 

Along with helping women grow their businesses, I have built four of my own and have worked on countless projects where I was able to get them unstuck and help the company succeed. 

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I'm just going to come right out and say it: I have been stuck many times myself. I've been in situations, where I needed to accelerate my business and I was either wavering and unfocused or allowed fear to impede my progress. Sometimes I still let feelings of 'I'm not enough' get in the way of my success as an entrepreneur. 

But I've found my antidote: positive mindset, vulnerability, and discipline. What I've learned is that I know how to run systems to accelerate my business, but it's often the actual 'doing' part that I get stuck on. Mindset practice, vulnerability, and daily discipline have helped me drive results, whether I'm making sales calls, helping companies focus their energies, working for community change, or on stage in front of an audience.

My focus and sturdy systems have given way to results in my companies. Here is what I have built:

  • Esquire Realty Group LLC: As Chief Operating Officer at Esquire Realty Group, I am charged with business development, marketing and communications, and agent recruitment and support. In just the first few months, I have work with the brokers to build the brand and double the number of agents on our team.
  • Lean the F*ck Out: A podcast that is unapologetically for and about women entrepreneurs who are leaning out of the constraints of traditional careers to start their own businesses and create their own way of living and working. In the first six months of launching the podcast, my partner Gretchen DeVault and I grew the podcast to more than 5,000 listens; and that number continues to rise.
  • Civicize.Me: A social justice business, focused on uplifting underrepresented populations, training participants and fueling them with the knowledge they need to participate in their backyard civic institutions. Civicize.Me has trained more than 200 participants all across Michigan.
  • Momentum for Impact, LLC: A consulting firm that works with nonprofit organizations and public institutions on intercultural competency and talent development systems. I started Momentum from the ground up after quitting my full time gig, trained thousands of nonprofit professionals and built up a team, who has since bought the company and is expanding the model across Michigan.
  • The Talent Development Platform: Putting people first in social change organizations: A manual for nonprofit organizations to revive their talent, assess their strategy, and build a learning platform that will help their team succeed. With the talent development platform, I have trained nonprofit professionals all over the country on strengthening their talent development and shifting the mindsets of their team toward growth.
  • Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Grand Rapids: A nonprofit organization in Grand Rapids, focused on supporting and bringing together nonprofit professionals under 40. In the first four years, I started the organization from scratch and built it to 300 members.