Virtual transaction coordination for busy agents.

I started out in real estate in sales, after spending a decade in nonprofit management, operations, and marketing. After some time in sales, I realized my strength was really in helping agents operate their sales businesses and manage transactions. My super power is really in operations and management. Now, I offer virtual transaction support and client engagement services for real estate agents all over the U.S. and I absolutely love it! I’ve found my sweet spot, helping agents run their business efficiently, so that they have more time to focus on sales and growing their business.

The goal of any busy agent is to increase sales and grow their business, while becoming less busy. Don’t you want to make more money and spend less time on the day-to-day and paperwork? You need to be out their prospecting!


Tera Wozniak Qualls

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I have worked in many facets of real estate including sales, managing my own transactions, managing operations for a boutique brokerage firm, branding, marketing, and working as a transaction coordinator. After getting to know the business of real estate and what it takes to run a solid business as an agent, I settled on offering back-end business support for agents.

Before real estate, I worked over a decade as a consultant for nonprofit organizations, supporting system development, organizational management, research, project management, talent development, and marketing and communications. With that experience under my belt, I know how to take a complex problem and turn it into a productive system. My superpower is doing just that and turing real estate businesses into productive machines.

If you want to see about my past experience, check out my profile on LinkedIn.