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My superpower is

building systems to make

any business productive.

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I teach women entrepreneurs

and realtors how to scale.


I use my superpower to help women entrepreneurs identify their greatest areas of opportunity and build systems to make it happen. 


Turning your idea into action is the first step in entrepreneurship. Tera uses her 15 years of experience in marketing and organizational startups to help women entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. 


The middle stage of your business is growth. And sometimes it can be damn hard. Tera works with women to help them keep their growth steady and focused on their future to ensure they are ready to scale when the time comes and sane during the ride.


Some of the greatest advice I have ever gotten is "structure your business now as if you were making a million dollars". Having the organizational, sales, and customer engagement structures in place now will help you grow efficiently and ensure you are ready to scale when the time comes. 

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Hire me to speak at your

next event.

Over the past decade, I have trained leaders and small businesses on varying topics from strengthening their own leadership and inspiring others to diversity and civic leadership to talent development and stronger organizational management to building systems that help their businesses flourish. 

If you are looking for someone to inspire the leaders in your organization or company; and you want someone to motivate them in an inspiring and authentic way, them I'm your woman. 

All of my trainings start with a dose of inspiration, include practical tips to being a stronger leader or managing your business more effectively and always include a bit (or a lot of sarcasm). 

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Lean the F*ck Out

with me on my podcast. 

A podcast for fempreneurs who are creating their own way of living, working and making cool sh*t happen. Each episode features a female entrepreneur who has leveled up her business and wants to share her story with you.

Hosted by women entrepreneurs Gretchen DeVault and Tera Wozniak Qualls.